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Relational Leaders Certification

Where leaders master the art of modeling & invitation

Relational Leader Certification


It is our deep desire for people to not only learn how to live relationally well, but to generationally transform their families, communities and businesses through mature modeling and healthy relational experiences. Whether you want to become a facilitator for Table & Well or your own community, our Relational Leader Certification will equip you with the skills you need to lead groups with skill, confidence and heart.


Completion of Relational Co-Lab is REQUIRED to begin the Relational Leader Certification. Relational Leader Certification Interest Call (30 min) is available for free!

Relational Leader Training consists of a base of four highly interactive in-person coaching sessions that equip business and church leaders to live and lead from strong, mature relational health with God, themselves and others. When taught in an existing community, the individual growth potential, from the skills and practices taught in this training, is compounded and creates significant benefits for the entire organization. We look forward to an opportunity to discuss how Relational Leader Training will transform your leaders from the inside out. If you are looking for a training experience that will transform the way your team connects, understands and responds, look no further.

*Relational Co-Lab completion is required to begin the Relational Leader Certification.

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Relational Skills are the most important abilities in Leadership.

~ John C. Maxwell

What's Included in the Relational Leaders Certification?

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Led by a Table & Well Table Guide

  • Table Guides navigate you through 90 minutes of deeper connection to God, yourself, and others!

  • Ongoing, online gatherings, held every other week.

Live Community of Practice

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  • Highly interactive small group that is focused on practicing presence together.

  • Access to Table & Well App with private group chat.

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PDF Resources Provided

  • Feeling Wheel w/Check-In Menu

  • Table Guardrails

  • Relational Response 


Participants share how Table & Well's revolutionary relational modeling based courses and Tables have changed their lives and relationships, in ways they never thought possible!

"Being part of the Round Table has been a transformative journey for both myself and our community. What sets this experience apart is its emphasis on authentic connection and understanding. When it comes to relationships, being truly heard and seen is paramount, the Table creates an environment that fosters such meaningful exchanges. What struck me most was everyone's voice is not only welcomed but valued, ensuring no one feels like an outsider. Moreover, the emphasis on offering support without immediately jumping into problem-solving was a novel approach for me. It created a sense of safety and trust that allowed for genuine vulnerability and growth. The Round Table isn't just a gathering place; it's where the community can come together to heal and grow."

Unknown - Israel Table

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