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Live Relationally Well

with God, yourself and others.

Developing relationally powerful people, communities, families and teams

through transformational experiences and coactive coaching.

Relationships matter. 

In this disconnected world, creating deeply connected relationships
is more challenging than ever. 

Whether you are weary from strained relationships, feel alone on life’s journey, or simply want to improve your connections, we have a place for you at our table.

Concrete Wall

Imagine a life rich in meaningful relationships where you
feel seen, known, and deeply connected with those around you.

This isn't just a dream—it's a reality we help create every day. 

At Table & Well, we believe in the transformative power of relationships. Our approach centers on fostering interactive communities of practice, where relational skills are both learned and experienced. We exist to walk with you and equip you to powerfully change your relationships and create a legacy of authentic belonging, joy and connection that will be felt for generations to come.

Your Journey

to Living Relationally Well

The Connection Cure Mini-Course

This  self-paced course will shed light on relational circuitry in the brain. You’ll learn how active circuits enhance life and relationships, the struggles when the circuits are dim or off, and strategies to maintain a more connected life.

This live, highly-interactive small group mini-lab will introduce you to 3 key skills that will immediately begin to transform your relationships and prepare you for the next step in your relational growth.


Intro to Relational Health


Relational Co-Labs

These Labs are our signature, 24-week, small group coaching labs, focused on developing key skills that are proven to heal, transform and deepen all of your relationships. 


Transformation Stories

Brad M.

"[We] identified what we truly needed in a community that cared for us and we cared for them."

Sharon C.

"It's like finding gold in the lost city of Atlantis. The skills are there, but nobody knows they're there!"

Chris P.

"I have extreme gratitude for what you guys are doing in putting all this together."

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Our Weekly Podcast


It’s time to transform your relationships.

Make today the day you choose growth for yourself and those you love. Discover the power of living authentically connected and start building a legacy of joy and belonging.

Your path to relational transformation starts here!

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