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"Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship."

     ~ Brene’ Brown

Group Lecture
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Relational Co-Labs

Experience the transformative power of relational maturity in a connected community.  Relational Co-Labs are our signature, 24 week, live, highly interactive small group coaching labs, focused on developing key skills that are proven to heal, transform and deepen your relationship with God, yourself and others.


Participants will experience, practice

and begin to master living life relationally WELL:

Walk in Joy & Identity

Echo Safety & Belonging

Live Relationally Healthy & Mature

Lead through Modeling & Invitation

  • Weekly, 90-minute live group sessions

  • Two twelve week semesters

  • Twelve life-changing relational skills

  • Printable digital workbooks & journals

  • Access to T&W App with private group chat

  • Learning through modeling and experience

  • Practical practices to integrate into your everyday relational interactions

  • Optional: One-on-One Coaching

  • Optional: Relational Leader Certification

The Maturity Model is the foundation of our Labs. 
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for Individuals/Couples

*If you have a group of 6 or more, see below*

Relational Co-LabHave Been Postponed

All listed times are Eastern Standard Time

Partial Scholarships are available

Apply Here

So that you, and your fellow group members, receive the most value from this experience, 

please be prepared, present and engaged for all 24 sessions.

Fall Labs begin in September. Winter Labs begin in January. Spring Labs begin in April.

Join our waitlist so we can effectively communicate future dates once they are scheduled.


Experience, practice and begin to master living life relationally WELL, together.  Co-Labs are truly remarkable, but with a group already in relationship together, the experience reaches an entirely different level. 


“This is hands-down the best way to develop deep connections and healthy leaders

in your community, church, business or team.” - Lea W.


PDF to present to your group/leadership

Winter Co-Labs begin January 2024

Spring Co-Labs begin April 2024

Fall Co-Labs begin September 2024


*Completion of the Intro Lab required prior to beginning a Group Co-Lab.

Group Co-Lab
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Would Co-Labs be beneficial to do with my spouse?   Absolutely. We have seen a significant strengthening in the marriages of participants who have taken Co-Labs at the same time. There is just something powerful about choosing growth in the same area, at the same time, using the same tools. However, this is not a “fix my marriage/spouse” course. Instead, it is a “I am investing in learning and growing in my own relational health” course - because you being healthier will benefit all of your relationships. So whether you are on the brink of divorce, or wanting to just find a new level of relational depth in your marriage, Co-Labs are, without a doubt, the best gift you could give your marriage this year. Co-Labs are also great for engaged couples.


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