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Coaching is designed for people who want to grow, but need help overcoming the invisible (or maybe not so invisible!) roadblocks in their way. 

Passivity. Trauma. Numbing. Disappointment. Failure. Fear. Lack of direction. 

These obstacles can prevent you from being your true self and living the life you were created for. The truth is, you were created for connection. The primary goal in an Immanuel session is to connect with God and enjoy being with Him. This facilitated intimate connection with God often leads to healing, counsel, and deliverance, which are secondary benefits to being with God in His presence. Connecting with Him in a tangible way comes before anything else. Intimacy with Jesus is the goal.
Through the connection created with God, the very real and tangible roadblocks that may be on your relational journey can be removed, and healing, breakthrough and freedom can be felt. Sessions consist of remembering personal joy moments or appreciations, connecting directly with the Lord (Immanuel) by inviting Him into those moments, and following His lead in His good plans for healing.

If you are ready for healing and transformation from the inside-out, or want to go deeper in the relational skills you are learning, we are ready to walk with you on your journey!

Meet Our Coaches

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Tennison Barry

​​As a trauma informed, AACC certified Relational Health Coach and pastor, Tennison has over 25 years of experience shaping the lives of others and helping people, of all ages, discover and live with confidence, renewed hope, and in the fullness of their design. 

Tennison has been married to Ginelle for 25 years and have 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren.  


AACC Certified

Life & Relational Health Coach,

Immanuel Coach, Trauma Trainer,

Trauma Informed Coach

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Bethany Boring

Bethany Boring is a mother of 3 boys, a certified professional life coach specializing trauma recovery and those who are experiencing burn out. Bethany is also certified in; Think Differently Coaching,  Abuse and Recovery, Mental Health, Human Behavioral Coaching, Enneagram, and is a Distinguished Toastmaster.   
Bethany's desires to see everyone live in the reality of God's design for them. 

Certified Abuse and Recovery,

Immanuel Coach

Enneagram Coach

HBC, & Trauma Coach



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