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Our Story

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Tennison & Ginelle Barry are the founding curators of Table & Well.  Their shared gift of seeing people right where they are, and creating safe spaces for deep connection, have been common threads woven throughout their decades of fostering, pastoring, and community leadership. 


Their dating year’s promise of: “Our home will always be open to anyone in need”, has blessed them with a diverse family of two biological children, three adopted children, five grandchildren, and seventy foster children. Now married twenty-three years, they are enjoying being empty nesters and sharing their table, and home, with strangers, soon turned friends, in a myriad of other ways.


As their children all transitioned out of the house, God began a deep work of healing and restoration in them both.  The tools, knowledge and experience gained during this time forever changed how they understand relationships, connection and the value of life in community. Thus began a beautiful journey, to create a space where people are seen, heard and known, experience belonging and identity, and grow in relational health and maturity with God, themselves, and others- and for the Barrys, there’s no better place than at the Table and the Well.

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Where did the name come from?

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