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A better relationship with others for a better life

Are you surrounded by people, yet feel alone? Or maybe you struggle with navigating relationships, resulting in disconnection, more often than not. What would it be like to be seen, known, and loved, and to really see, know, and love others well? Having better relationships with others – friends, spouse, children, parents, coworkers – is key for a better, more fulfilled life!

What if you had the tools and skills needed to maintain consistent, healthy connection with others? What could happen if you had practical practices, and a long-term relational community to grow with? Imagine the depth of connection and true belonging you could experience that would envelop every part of your life!

Relational Co-Labs were born from our own journey and we have devoted our lives to creating practical ways for you to experience the transformation we all want; an authentic, healthy connection in our most important relationships; God, ourselves, and others.

Co-Labs are our signature, 24-week, live, highly interactive small group coaching labs, focused on developing key skills that are proven to heal, transform and deepen your relationships.

The Co-Lab Spring Semester is starting soon. We invite you to experience this transformation for yourself! Join the hundreds of people who have gained the tools and skills to walk in wholeness and maturity, and be truly seen and known in their communities and even to themselves.

Spring Labs start: Tuesday, 3/5/24 at 8:00pm EST for 12 weeks

Cost: $150/month (This Lab consist of 2 of 4 modules)

Registration closes this Sunday, March 3rd at Noon

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