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Are your RCs ON with people you don't know?

Signs that my relational circuits are ON with people I do not know (well)  

  • I can be respectful.  

  • I am aware and interested in their point of view.  

  • I am open to understanding what they are feeling right now.  

  • I am aware of my own feelings and responses without having to blurt them out.  

  • I can join in give-and-take both verbally and nonverbally.  

  • I can help them make their points more clearly understandable. They will agree with my description because it does not make them look stupid.  

  • I can understand and accept it if they make a choice I do not like. 

If you cannot check YES, then your relational connection circuits are OFF or weak, making it difficult to engage in healthy ways with people you don’t know very well.

Do you find it easier or more difficult to keep your RCs humming with people you don't know very well?

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