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Being a believer in the land, at such a time as this, is no small thing.

Last night we had a Co-Lab with our Israeli friends. On Practice weeks we do mini Tables and take time to check-in and share our hearts and practice holding space and caring well for one another.

This was a heavy one.

If you’re wondering how to pray for Israel, many expressed a sense of frustration, fear, sadness and a loss of what to do. They want to hear God’s voice and follow his lead. They want to grow in the Lord during this time. They want to obey what he is asking them to do. They want to be unified. So much of our time together was about them being reminded that they are not alone. He is with them. And there was a screen full of people whose hearts are aching like theirs are.

The casualties are barely one removed from many in this small group. The shock waves have reached well beyond the communities that were directly hit.

The men are wrestling with the reality of being called up, or volunteering, or being disqualified from being able to fight. The moms are concerned for their children, young and old.

Many are asking, “what is my role?”

Together we heard the Spirit of the Lord say that being a believer in the land, at such a time as this, is no small thing.

Please be praying for courage for our friends. For protection of their homes and bodies, and also their minds and spirits, as the barrage of news and reports are creating distraction and internal chaos. Pray that they will be unified, strengthened and stabilized. That they will sense Yeshua’s closeness to their broken hearts and that they will courageously carry that closeness to others.

They logged off the call with comfort, encouragement, trust, a sense of purpose, rest, peace, an awareness of the need for joy in others throughout the land, and a sense of sovereign timing. Pray it holds.

We’re so incredibly grateful to get to be present with this group of people at this moment of time. How beautiful are the feet of those who carry the good news. (Romans 10:15)

If any of you feel led to listen or pray specifically for those in this group, please reach out and we will coordinate something.

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Miembro desconocido
12 oct 2023

How I yearn to be on the calls with them!!! My heart aches.

Me gusta

I would love to be involved in any way that I’m able and would be helpful to this group. ❤️🇮🇱

Me gusta
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