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Let God become your treasure

Viewing God as a commodity often bleeds over to viewing each other the same way. We interact in light of what we DO rather than who we ARE.

This week on the podcast we talk about what living a life WITH God looks like — treasuring him above all else. The goal is not to use God, the goal is God. The other four postures use God as a means to an end:

  • Under - tries to manipulate God through obedience to secure blessing and avoid trouble

  • Over - source of principles or laws to solve problems or have a better life.

  • From - To supply our material needs.

  • For - used God and his mission to gain a sense of direction and purpose

Once we see and understand who and what God truly is, He will cease to be how we acquire our treasure, and become our treasure.

Listen in as we begin this compelling discussion, streaming now on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts!

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