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Relational Circuits (RCs)

So, here’s the scoop. There is a place in your brain that controls your ability to perceive and receive joy from those around you. It is like a light on

a dimmer switch and it has 3 different positions: ON, OFF, or DIM.

Here are a few things your brain can do when your Relational Circuits are ON:

● Be flexible in your thinking

● Attune (get in sync with other’s emotions) - see and hear others

● Regulate your emotions

Here are just a few things that your brain can do when your Relational Circuits are OFF:

● I just want to make a problem, person, or feeling stop and go away.

● My mind is "locked” onto something upsetting.

● I think, say, repeat a word, phrase, or thought that is negative, insulting, or profane.

This week start to take notice of your Relational Circuits. Are they more often ON, OFF or

DIM? Is it easier for them to be ON around some people than others? Write down what you find.

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