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Spring Travel Update: Escape Room Mentality

Updated: May 8, 2023

We decided at the beginning of this trip that we would treat it like one big escape room….

With all of the trains, metros, buses, water taxis, cable cars, lock boxes, languages, currencies, and Airbnbs we have kept a light mood about all of the challenges we face and treat them like a clue to be solved.

We’ve visited 7 countries in the last month: Portugal, Spain, France, Tunisia, Italy, Austria, and Czech. Austria is by far the happiest, kindest, most affectionate place we have visited. Just a noticeable general gladness to be alive.

We have been able to travel very economically by making most of our food, traveling by train, walking lots, creating our own city tours and booking Airbnbs.

How would you tackle challenges on a big trip like this? Would our escape room mentality work for you or make it more stressful?

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