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Tuesday Takeaway: Power and Encouragement in the Check-In

We're seeing some incredible fruit in our Intro to Relational Health groups this month! Being able to ask for exactly what you want is a maturity skill that we all need to learn, and the individuals in these groups are getting a lot of practice.

Offering help when someone has not asked for it can be received as subtle spiritual abuse. It often comes from our desire to fix in order to avoid our own discomfort when faced with others' feelings or situations.

At Table & Well, we encourage mature expressions of help and support, as well as give others the opportunity to state what they want and need. Recognizing and saying what we want and need is an important skill that we all need to learn.

Are you comfortable with stating what you want or need? Have you ever been the "fixer" that offers help before someone has had a chance to ask?

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