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We were created with a need to attach.

During this month three years ago we were just getting started on this journey of helping others grow in relational health. We did online coffee chats to discuss things like joy and attachment, and they're still on our YouTube channel for everyone to see how far we've come.

Even if this video is three years old, the content is still relevant today. Perhaps more relevant as our society becomes more disconnected. We were designed with a need for attachment. We don't just choose it. We crave it.

But often people don't know how to satisfy that longing in a healthy way. Our culture doesn't equip us to make deep, lasting connections with people. That's why we're here. To help people learn how to grow in relational health and meet those needs inside of us.

If you're not sure where to start, take the free relational health quiz at and find out what your next steps are.

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