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“When we were squeezed, stuff that came out wasn’t good”

This week on the podcast we begin our conversation with our friend Britton Smith. Britton, his wife Michelle, and their 3 boys have been RVing across the country for the past 5 months connecting with other pastors that are on the same journey he found himself on: moving from Pastor to Pioneer. Britton is the director of Pastors to Pioneer, and there mission is to help pastors move from managing institutions to pioneering movements of disciples and simple churches in their cities.

In this podcast, Britton describes his personal journey from Pastor to Pioneer and how this has been the best thing for him and his family. Listen in as he talks about how he is no longer following Jesus because it was his job but because it is his only way of life.

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Britton has been pioneering a simple church and discipleship movement in West Michigan since 2013. Most of that time overlapped with being a senior pastor in a growing traditional church. He now only operates in and shepherds the church that meets in homes. Britton has a passion for helping the church live into all that she is called to be according to the Word. He loves to help pastors in traditional churches see their call from the Word in fresh ways.

For more information about Pastor to Pioneer or to contact Britton Smith, go to:

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