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Relational Leader Certification

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Where leaders master the art of modeling & invitation

It is our deep desire for people to not only learn how to live relationally WELL, but to generationally transform their families, communities and businesses through mature modeling and healthy relational experiences. Whether you want to become a facilitator for Table & Well or your own community, our Relational Leader Certification will equip you with the skills you need to lead groups with skill, confidence and heart.  

During this immersive, six-month training that occurs within a live Co-Lab, you will engage in a hands-on training style that enables experiential learning and modeling.

*Relational Co-Lab completion is required to begin the Relational Leader Certification.



First Segment:

Coach will lead the Co-Lab,

you will observe.


Second Segment:

Coach will lead the Co-Lab,

you will assist/Co-Lead

in an increasing measure.


Third Segment:

You will lead the Co-Lab, 

Coach will assist/Co-Lead

in a decreasing measure.


Fourth Segment:

You will lead,

Coach will observe.

At the heart, of being a Relational Leader, is the embodiment of the relational skills and core values taught in our Relational Co-Labs. So that you can more naturally and maturely model relational health in your personal life and the groups you lead, you will be required to complete the Co-Lab practices, along with the participants, each week.


Relational Leader Certification Training includes:


  • Printable Co-Lab Facilitator Guide

  • Weekly Debrief calls with Coach

  • Skills that will apply to leading any group

  • Monthly Mentor Training/Support Zoom

Winter Training begins January 2024 
Spring Training begins April 2024

*Relational Co-Lab completion is required to begin the Relational Leadership Certification.
Investment: $150/month for six months
In addition to the profound 
benefits it will add to your personal life and community, the completion of the Relational Leadership Certification will qualify you to lead Relational Co-Labs for Table & Well, as well as apply to be a Table & Well Coach.

'Relational skills are the most important abilities in Leadership.' ~ John C. Maxwell

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