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Relational Transformation Stories

Feedback from the Community

This Relationship Co-Lab has significantly impacted me! I found, over the course of eight weeks, that I grew in maturity, recognized some of my blind spots, and grew in healthy connections. Table & Well's material was eye-opening and provoking in so many ways.

Jonah - Easley, SC

Tennison, it is good to have you as a coach!  You are one of the most uplifting people I know and have a gift to help others. I am a testimony of what you carry. Thank you for always challenging me and guiding me to see me as Father does. 

Greg - Easley, SC

The Immanuel Journaling has been such a great way for me to feel more connected to God.

Brina - Flint, MI

My favorite part of this ministry is knowing that what Ginelle and Tennison bring to the table here, is a result of many, many years of relational equity. Learning themselves though serving the Lord, each other, their biological children, their adopted children, their foster children and the hundreds of people who have graced their table through one reason or another. 

They share this very rich equity with us in every way they can conceive and are always looking for new ways to learn more and give more. Watching them pour into others all the incredible wealth of wisdom and the impactful tools to create lasting change is really and truly priceless.  I highly recommend anything that they put their hands to. 

Jen - Greenville, SC

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The Relational Co-Labs were a great experience for us as a couple, as well as individuals. Tennison and Ginelle did a fantastic job leading and creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, while at the same time challenging us to look inside, open up and get to the root of some of our feelings and emotions. The lesson plans did well explaining and putting words to the way we feel and act in relationships. They also gave great practical steps and daily exercises to improve the way we feel and interact with others. We truly believe we grew in understanding our relationships here on earth, as well as with God our father.

Aaron & Alston - Greenville, SC


How would you describe the change the Co-Lab has made in you?

• Life-changing. These are skills that everyone should have and no one knows. 


• I'm taking control of my RC's (Relational Circuits), I'm expressing my need, I'm being joyful.

• It's inspired me to look more into some of the topics we covered and to be more intentional about sharing what I know.

• I found that it was safe to connect with people, and it gave me much hope to know that God will fulfill His promise to provide us with true community and this group was a sample of that community.

• It's made me more curious about how to be more relational with all the people in my life. It's given me confidence that I can fill in the gaps of development that I missed along the way. 

• Life altering, I’m forever changed and I have hope! Thank you both! Love you!

What was the most impactful part of the Co-Labs for you?

• New knowledge with community discussion 

• Remembering to find joy every day before trying to deal with the rest of the things life throws at me.

The most impactful part of the Co-Lab for me was the discussions we had as a group.  It was so helpful and encouraging hearing everyone's viewpoint and opinion.  Especially since those opinions were not from my generation.

• Being wanted and accepted where I am!

•  I believe the journaling was impactful 

• I believe it really encouraged communication between my wife and I. Even in the short time, I felt like we were more intentional about communicating. Even had a few things that came up that I felt like would be bigger issues, but because of some of the tools learned in the Co-labs, we were able to navigate through them more easily.

• Real conversation.


• All my experiences can form my conduct, but I can change.

• Becoming a community together. Having a place to be open and real and not be judged.

• The platform to be real and vulnerable with total strangers.

• Being seen by others, learning how to see others better (more empathetically) watching the modeled behaviour of emotional checking in and showing appreciation to others. 

• Just the mind blowing breakthrough. Learning how to quiet allowed me to hear the thoughts and reality... You all have helped change my life for real! 

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If these testimonials impact you,
consider joining our next Community 101 and get started on your own relational transformation! 

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