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Relational Circuit Checklist

Homecoming, holiday gatherings, reunions.... These are all opportunities for our relational circuits to dim a bit.

Here are a few questions to see if your relational circuits are ON with people I know well:

  • Do my good memories of them seem important right now?

  • Do I feel connected to this person that I usually like?

  • Do I feel a desire to be connected to this person that I usually like?

  • Do I experience him/her as a relational being? Am I aware of his/her care for me?

  • Do I feel compassion about what he/she is thinking and feeling?

  • Am I open to share their distressing feelings with them to help them return to joy?

  • Do I perceive the presence of this person I usually like as a resource?

  • Am I experiencing joy in being with him/her?

If you cannot check YES then your relational connection circuits are OFF or weak.

EVERYTHING with respect to my relational conflicts, urges and cravings will turn out better once your relational circuits are back on.

The Intro Labs are a great place to learn how to keep those relational circuits on. Our trained facilitators provide a safe small group environment to practice and grow together.

Whether you've been through an Intro Lab before an need a refresher, or you're totally new to this whole relational health thing, we would love to have you! Registration is free, and we have limited spots available in the two November sessions.

We hope to see you there and help you thrive in your relationships this holiday season!

Go to to register. Or share the link with someone who could benefit from these life-changing tools!

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